Asian Menu


Asian Lettuce Wraps
Sautéed chicken in Asian spices wrapped in Butter Lettuce

Pork Egg Rolls
Ground pork and veggies wrapped in crispy wontons served with a tangy dipping sauce

Garlic Edamame
Soy beans sautéed in low sodium soy sauce and minced garlic

Pot Stickers
Chicken and vegetable dumplings served with a ginger dipping sauce


Teriyaki Chicken, Steak, or Fish
Chicken, Steak, or Fish marinated and Grilled in home-style teriyaki sauce

Sesame Steak or Chicken
Chicken or Steak sautéed in sesame oil and served with chili ginger dipping sauce

Beef or Chicken and Broccoli
Beef or Chicken stir-fry with onion, peppers and broccoli

Kung Pao Beef or Chicken
Beef or Chicken stir fry with veggies in chili sauce and topped with peanuts


Steamed Rice
Jasmine rice steamed to perfection

Brown Rice
Long grain brown rice steamed to perfection

Fried Rice
Steamed rice sautéed with mixed vegetables and topped with peanuts

Chow Mein
Stir fried noodles topped with mixed vegetables

Steamed Vegetables
Mixed Vegetables Steamed and lightly seasoned with low sodium salt