Holiday Menu


Mixed Crudités
Choice of assorted fruit, vegetables, and cheese and cracker platters

Stuffed Mushrooms
Mushrooms caps filled with a savory vegetable sauté

Crab and Artichoke Dip
Creamy artichoke dip with lump crab meat served with garlic crostini

Stuffed pastry filled with meat sofrito and chimichurri dipping sauce

Deviled Eggs
Hardboiled eggs with a spicy yolk filling

Baked Brie
Brie wrapped in phyllo dough topped with raspberry sauce accompanied with crackers for dipping

Fried Ravioli
Four cheese ravioli breaded in panko and served with homestyle marinara

Cesar Salad
Crisp romaine mixed with shaved parmesan, creamy ceasar, and homestyle croutons

House Salad
Mixed greens served with choice of ranch, italian, or bleu cheese dressing


Santa Maria Tri-Tip
Marinated in garlic and achiote oil and slow roasted to perfection

Chicken Chardonnay
Roasted chicken breast drizzled with a Chardonnay wine sauce

Roasted Prime Rib with Au Jus
Beef prime rib with thyme infused Au Jus

Roasted Pork Loin with Raspberry Sauce
Pork loin roasted and drizzled with a savory raspberry sauce

Roast Turkey
24hr brined turkey slow roasted and accompanied with cranberry and mushroom gravy sauce

Orange and Brown Sugar Glazed Ham
Smoked bone-in ham glazed with a brown sugar and orange sauce


Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Creamy red potatoes mashed with roasted garlic and cheddar cheese

Sweet Potato and Banana Casserole
Sweet potatoes and bananas baked and topped with almonds and marshmallow

Green Bean Casserole
Blanched green beans sautéed with pancetta and topped with almonds and cream of mushroom

Roasted Veggies
Seasonal veggies tossed in citrus vinaigrette and slow roasted

Grilled seasonal veggies tossed in red wine vinegar and fresh herbs

Corn and lima bean salad tossed in citrus vinaigrette

Creamed Spinach
Chopped spinach in cream sauce

Savory Glazed Carrots
Baby carrots sautéed in a buttered broth

Macaroni and Cheese
penne pasta coated in béchamel sauce topped with a gruyere and panko crust

Rice Pilaf
Jasmine rice slow simmered in chicken stock topped with fresh parsley


Apple Pie

Pumpkin Pie

Pecan Pie

NY Cheesecake

Fruit Tarts

Crème Brûlée